Kid Shyne is a 20 year old musician hailing from the small town of Allentown, Pennsylvania. He started making music at the age of 14 in his room and has taught himself how to use studio equipment from countless hours of experimenting with different programs and tools, making a name for himself due to his unique approach to flow and style. His rise began with the release of the song "Politely" on SoundCloud which rapidly attained over 30,000 plays. Having created a buzz for himself he decided to relocate to Los Angeles, California to further his musical career.

Within the first year living in LA, he had already begun to achieve his goal with the release of his first studio track “Way Up”, premiered on Breathe Heavy, which is the perfect track to silence the haters. When Kid Shyne moved from his small town roots he noticed a lot of his hometown friends were envious of him chasing his dreams. The rapper says of the song: "having just moved to LA from a small town, I basically wanted to deliver the message of doing well to the homies back at home and let them know what I've been up to.”

Kid Shyne likens his sound to early G-Eazy and Hoodie Allen. He is a perfect mix of pop and hip hop, and he aims to be a cultural influencer through his music career.

Named as one of the “Best Upcoming Artists” by Complex’s affiliate H-Wing, his 2nd release Whoa followed shortly after, 

The release of his first EP "Lightning" in Spring 2018 saw 7 new tracks, including "Your Girl" a collaboration with Italian rapper Lil Busso and starring Pat Benatar's daughter Hana Giraldo in the video, and the latest single "Options" produced by Motes Art and video shot by Clarity Films.

More music is already being recorded for release later In 2019 along with a series of live shows.

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